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De Doelen

Poster campaigns and seasonal brochures

De Doelen is the concert hall and congress hall of Rotterdam.
We created for them a bold, recognizable frame that leaves room for lots of different messages and play on the inside. That is what ‘De Doelen’ stands for, and that is how the new style of communication works.
DE DOELEN-boulez making of 1280px-060619

The existing logo and the new poster grid

Logo family

DE DOELEN-identity 1280px-060619-04.jpg

Poster series of different seasons

DE DOELEN-affiches 1280px-060619-043.jpg

Seasonal brochure

DE DOELEN-abobrochure 1280px-060619-05.j
DE DOELEN-abobrochure 1280px-060619-052.
DE DOELEN-hannah draussen 1280px-060619-

The Background

Everybody in Rotterdam knows ‘De Doelen’. It is the city’s main stage for music, as well as a congress hall.
The musical program holds a large variety - from classical
to modern music, from jazz to world music and even concerts for children.

Therefore, the challenge was to communicate very diverse content to a large number of varied target groups (each different in taste, age and cultural background) while still recognizable as the same sender - ‘De Doelen’.

Since the posters are the most visible media placed throughout the city, they became the most important item of the new communication style.

For inspiration we used, the very recognizable form of the building itself, and the sound elements that surround the main stage. Merging those forms, we created a bold, fixed frame, that says loud and clear ‘De Doelen’, but at the same time, leaves plenty of room for creative interpretation on the inside.

In collaboration with Jacques Koeweiden

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