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Corporate Identity

NDT, the Nederlands Dance Theater, is a Dutch Modern Dance company of high international reputation, based in The Hague, the Netherlands. Their dance is their identity, so we created an Identity out of their dance.
_NDT-anna 1280px-040619-01.jpg

Motion tracking

_NDT-entstehung 1280px-040619-03.jpg

Logo family

_NDT-logo family 1280px-040619-013.jpg

Tour truck and stationary

_NDT-logo toepassingen 1280px-040619-014

Poster grid

_NDT-poster 1280px-040619-015.jpg

NDT font

_NDT-font 1280px-040619-016.jpg

Different media

_NDT-brochure 1280px-040619-017.jpg
_NDT-buch 1280px-040619-018.jpg
_NDT-website 1280px-040619-019.jpg

The Background

Since 1959 The Netherlands Dance Theater works with choreographers, such as Hans van Maanen, William Forsythe and Jiří Kylián to build an impressive repertoire of dance perfomances of international fame and reputation.

In order to create the new Visual Identity for the NDT, it was very clear to us from the start, that we had to find a way, to integrate ‘dance’ itself into this Identity.

We invited some NDT-dancers into a motion-tracking studio, and asked them to dance parts of the alphabet. Those very recognizable and at the same time very personal movements became the point of departure for the new Visual Identity of the company.
Selected traces of those movements add an extra exciting layer to the logo, corporate font and form language.
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