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Corporate Identity and Signing

Moving into an brandnew building, gave the impuls for NHL - The University of Applied Sciences of Friesland - to work on a new Corporate Identity. Becoming the University of Applied Sciences which offers the widest range of courses of any University in the Netherlands, NHL wanted an Identity that reflects their number one core value: diversity.
NHL-building rgb 980px-150519-042.jpg

Logo family


Form family / The grid

NHL-grid rgb 980px-150519-045.jpg
NHL-stationary rgb 980px-150519-046.jpg

Color and font family

NHL-brochures rgb 980px-150519-0412.jpg

Student Fair

NHL-beurse rgb 980px-150519-0413.jpg

Campaign "Open Door Day"

NHL-campagne rgb 980px-150519-0414.jpg

Subbrand: Maritime Institut Willem Barentsz

NHL-MIWB rgb 980px-150519-0415.jpg

The Background

With its unique angles, flexible workspaces and various areas promoting cross discipline interaction of staff and students, the newly constructed building did not resemble a traditional academic building in any way.
This was a big inspiration for us.

In our meetings with NHL, they reiterated their philosophy of  ‘orchestrated chaos’.
Their iconoclastic claims that ‘Science is not blue’ and ‘Art is not red’ called for a dynamic Identity, with lots of room for adaption and participation. Students of Art and Photography classes were enabled to shoot the photos used in the Identity thru master classes, while, once a year, every faculty was allowed to chose their own colour combination and font from a broad set in order to create their own sub-Identity within the main Identity of the school.
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