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Ramadan Festival

Logo and poster campaign

The Ramadan Festival, as it started in Amsterdam in 2005 is not only a festival for muslims, but for everyone. Over the years it grew into an European event across several countries connecting people with diverse backgrounds.
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Poster series of 2008

RAMADAN-poster amsterdam 1280px-180619-0

The Background

The first cooperation between the Ramadan Festival and Koeweiden Postma took place in 2005. Amongst the results were a strong logo and the first poster campaign.

Every year since, the Ramadan Festival has offered many opportunities during the muslim month of fasting - for muslims and non-muslims alike - to come together with the joint Iftars (the evening fast-breaking meals), lectures, discussions, performances and parties.

The fact that the month of Ramadan has something to offer
for everybody (not only for muslims), was the starting point for the poster campaign in 2008. The established logo was “dressed up” to address in a representative manner other parts of the community with differing backgrounds.

In collaboration with Jacques Koeweiden

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